The repertoire we offer ranges from Classical to Contemporary. 

Solo, duo, trio, quartet and quintet performances:  Strings • Woodwinds • Piano • Harp • Guitar • Vocals

A variety of styles, including:  Classical • Chamber • Flamenco • Jazz • Rock • Contemporary

Contact Nora Williams for more information regarding our incredible ensembles and musicians.

Our goal is to uncover music not only as entertainment, but as a dark and light experience that constantly feeds the creativity and awareness of all of us humans on our life’s journey.

String Quartet Repertoire

Arends, In Haec Urbe
Arend, Fetes Galantes
Bartok, Rumanian Dances
Borodin, Quartet in D Major
Brahms, Hungarian Dance No. 1
Cesis, Renaissance Double Quartet (with video accompaniment)
Crumb, “Black Angels”
Dvorak, Quartet in –Bflat, Largo
Gershwin, “ Lullaby”
Phillip Glass, Quartet No. 2
Haydn, “Farewell Symphony”
Haydn, Op. 76, No. 4 “Sunrise”
Mendelssohn, Quartet in D, Op. 44, No. 1
Mozart, Quartet, K 157
Ravel, Quartet
Schumann, Quartet, Op. 41
Terezin Collection

Berstein, “West Side Story”
Mark O’Connor, “Appalachian Waltz”
Ungar, “Ashokan Farewell”

Gardell, “Por Una Cabeza”
Michael McLean, Tango
Ginestera, “Danzas Argentinas”
Wm. Grant Still, “Panama Dances”

Rock | R&B | Funk
Beatles Medley
Beatles, “ All You Need is Love”
Beatles, “Blackbird”
Beatles, “Come Together” (with added vocals)
Beatles, “In My Life”
Coldplay, “Yellow”
Eurythmics, “Sweet Dreams Are Made of These” (opt. vocals)
Ray LaMontagne, “You Are the Best Thing”
Marvin Gaye, “What’s Going On?” (opt. vocals)
Hendrix, “Purple Haze”
McCartney, “Live and Let Die”
Prince, “Erotic City” (with added vocals)
Prince, “Purple Rain” (with added vocals)
Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody”
Stafford, “Grounded”, “Crazy in October”
Styx, “Renegade”
Titus, “Belong” (with added vocals)
Titus, “Dark Side of the Moon” (with added vocals)
Titus, “It’s You” (with added vocals)
Titus, “Fallen Leaves” (with added vocals)

Flashy and Fun
Peck, “Don’t Tread On Me Or On My String Quartet”
Michael McLean, Fandango

Large selection of traditional favorites