Strategies to Master your Musicianship

My six step system for creating a classical music career that works for you.

1. Listen deeply

Learn to connect to the still, small voice of artistry within, to the sounds emanating from your instrument or voice, and to other great artists, to be able to discern and describe what you hear.

2. Observe instead of judge

Take time to observe your true self, in reality, and what your circumstances are, in great detail, without the assault of judgement.

3. Cultivate joyful physicality

Strength, flexibility, stamina, sharp concentration are necessities. Find a fun, nourishing way to stay healthy with regular exercise, deep breathing, healthy, organic food, and regular sleep. Immerse yourself in beautiful physical surroundings to spark inspiration and motivation. Strive to look your best to feel your best.

4. Master your money

Understand the fundamentals of cash flow in your bank account, the music industry, and the money system.
Transcend the self-sabotage of the fearful mind. Keep your dreams alive and fully funded.

5. Connect

Rather than struggling in silence, find a supportive and safe environment to accelerate your growth, foster motivation, and discuss questions and challenges.

6. Express yourself

Be curious and courageous to share your authentic voice, ignoring naysayers and the debilitating voice of fear from within. Realize that serving your art and your audience rewards the most intrinsic part of yourself.

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