5 Self-Care Touchstones for Classical Musicians

Listen deeply…

To the still, small voice of artistry within
To the sounds emanating from your instrument or voice
To great artists, to be able to discern and describe what you hear

Observe instead of judge…

Observation describes what is happening in great detail.
Judging assaults character (others or too often our own)

Cultivate joyful physicality daily…

Strength, flexibility, stamina, sharp concentration are necessities – find a fun, nourishing way to exercise
Breathe deeply, eat healthy organic food, sleep
Beautiful physical surroundings spark inspiration and motivation
Look your best, Feel your best—
Connect with your authentic style; take pride in a well-groomed, individual look that makes you smile at yourself and others

Master Your Money…

Understand the fundamentals of cash flow…in your personal bank account, the music industry and the money system
Transcend the Greed/Fear mind-hijack
Keep your dreams alive and fully- funded

Serve the Art Form and Release the Torment…

Respect the constant interplay between the Ego self (nasty, untruthful, distracting) and the Authentic Self (calm, ordered, inspired, masterful)
Be devoted to daily practice
Realize that serving the Art form and your audience rewards the most intrinsic part of yourself

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Miscellaneous Notes from our Brainstorming Sessions

Avatar is a classical musician, a renegade, edgy, free-thinking, independent, artistic
Selfishness to unselfish love
Transforming energy to a higher vibration
Unleashing creativity
Spiritual practice
Acts of random kindness
Financial stress relief
Money management
Tips for scheduling
Musical practice is an investment
The practice space is sacred. The time spent practicing is also sacred.
Valuing yourself, your music, and your time
The business of music