Princely Legacy

The death of one of my personal musical icons died at the end of April and it unleashed a well-spring of emotion in myself and so many others-- musicians from a variety of genres and the public at large. Prince was his own tour de force and thrilled so many of us with his imagination, originality, unfettered sexuality, ecstatic movement, prophetic lyrics and funky, eclectic sound.

What I loved about Prince was his ability to be a channel of Divine Sound and his willingness to let it come through with glorious freedom. Prolific doesn't begin to describe the amount of material he wrote, performed and produced during his lifetime.  HIs legacy of creating on his own terms has become legendary in the music industry and a beacon for recording artists all over the globe.

Although it seems that Prince died too soon and with so much music to share with the world, I have come to respect that each individual soul has its own path, its own Divine Timing and its own agenda. I am so grateful to have been on the planet during his lifetime and to continue to  appreciate his unique and mystical brand of music-making.